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The African Football League (AFL) is a prestigious annual continental club football competition that serves as a celebration of football excellence and camaraderie across the African continent. Founded with the vision of enhancing the quality of football in Africa and fostering financial growth for participating clubs and stakeholders.

The AFL’s inaugural competition is set to kick off from October 20th to November 11th 2023, featuring a dazzling array of prominent clubs from various African nations. The esteemed participants include Al Ahly SC (Egypt), Enyimba FC (Nigeria), Espérance Sportive de Tunis (Tunisia), Mamelodi Sundowns FC (South Africa), Atlético Petróleos de Luanda (Angola), Simba SC (Tanzania), TP Mazembe (DR Congo), and Wydad AC (Morocco). This grand gathering of clubs showcases the AFL’s commitment to uniting diverse footballing cultures on a single platform.

The AFL’s primary mission revolves around the advancement of African football in terms of both skill and financial prosperity. By providing an unparalleled competitive platform, the league aims to elevate the quality of the sport while generating substantial revenue streams that are distributed proportionally among the participating clubs and all stakeholders involved.

Anticipating remarkable growth, the AFL’s second edition is slated to accommodate a total of 22 teams, signifying an expansion in scale and a greater inclusivity of clubs from across the continent. The upcoming edition will also feature an extended format, running throughout the season, thereby providing fans and enthusiasts with a more prolonged and engaging football experience.

The AFL operates as an independent entity, assuming responsibility for the establishment, operation, and administration of the competition. This autonomy ensures that the league can act in the best interests of the sport and its participants, while upholding the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and professionalism.

AFL Ltd., the governing body of the league, holds exclusive rights to all commercial and audiovisual aspects of the AFL. This includes broadcasting, sponsorship, merchandise, and other revenue-generating avenues. This approach enables the league to harness its potential for revenue generation and reinvest in the continued growth of African football.


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