The $4m prize fund for the winner of the inaugural African Football League (AFL) makes it the richest club tournament on the continent.

And this is proof of the statement made by Confederation of African Football (CAF) President Patrice Motsepe during the launch of the tournament who said then that the AFL would transform club football on the continent.

The winning team in the AFL will earn $4million after playing just six matches. It is worth noting that the winner of the CAF Champions League also earns $4million but after months of intense competition.

The total prize fund for the AFL is $9.7million to be shared among eight teams compared to $9.5million that is shared by 16 teams in the CAF Champions League

The runners-up in the inaugural AFL tournament will walk away with $3million compared to $2million that the runners up of the Champions League pockets.

The third placed team will earn $1.7million. The third placed team in the Champions League earns $1.2million.

There is also $1million for the fourth placed team in the AFL tournament compared to $900,000 that the fourth placed team earns in the CAF Champions League.

CAF’s other tournament the Confederations Cup has a  prize fund  of $5.1million also to be divided among 16 teams.

The winner of the Confederations Cup earns $2million with the runners up walking away with $1million. Fourth placed teams earn $750,000 while fifth placed teams walk away with $550,000.

Sixth and seventh placed teams earn $400,000 each.