TPM approached the Serbian club FK Vojvodina where its former player Jonathan Bolingi plays to have an update on his health. The player is in good hands. Struggling to recover, he is receiving the best care from the medical team at the Institute of Lung Diseases in Sremska Kamenica according to information provided to Badiangwenas by the Serbian club.

Just before the resumption training, scheduled for September 14, the 29-year-old decided to go to Kinshasa to support his national team against Sudan. When he returned to training, the striker felt unwell. He had to be hospitalized in serious condition.

Here is the communication from his club on the state of health of our former player: “Jonathan Bolingi is still in an artificial coma, but today’s lung scan has clearly improved. So we believe that the awakening process will begin in a day or two, after which we will have more precise information about his condition. The most difficult period has passed, although his condition is not yet stable. But we are receiving positive signals and that is the most important thing at the moment.

We would like to thank the entire staff at the Institute of Lung Diseases in Sremska Kamenica, because they really did their best to help him and so we thank them on behalf of all of us. We hope that Bolingi will soon be with us, both in everyday life and during matches. »

Together, let’s pray that Jonathan Bolingi wins this match. He’s won a lot of them and once again he’ll come out on top.

In their stronghold, the men of Lamine Ndiaye who should receive Tshinkunku next Sunday have a new challenger, according to a press release from Linafoot published this Wednesday at noon. It will be the US Panda of Likasi, again this Sunday, September 24 at 3:00 p.m. in Kamalondo

The change of opponent matters little for the Ravens who are working and want to string together matches to find more automatisms. In today’s training, we note the return of Zambian striker Alex Ngonga after a few days of absence due to illness. The center forward has served his one-match Champions League ban and will now have to work extra hard to challenge for a place in the squad.